• Peace Workers •

Through the profits raised by the Colorado Peace Ride, the Sophia Peace Center helps non-profits in all sectors who contribute to peace and positive change in the world.


Social Justice


Social Services

Helping Non-Profits in areas of need

Children & Families
Inner city growth & empowerment
Literacy & Learning
Healthcare and healing
Developing Nations
War and disaster relief
Poverty and hunger

…and more 


• Testimonials •

The motivation for creating a nonprofit is to make a difference in the lives of others.  The sad thing is that it is increasingly hard to give to others when you are ‘running on fumes’.  After reaching 400 children and being in operation for five years, having depleted most of my savings with my salary hovering just above the poverty line, I experienced total burnout.  I would have given anything to have a place where I could go to replenish and recharge.”

--Cheryl May
Former Executive Director and Founder
EARTH School
Essential Arts for Remembering the Heart