• Peace Partners •

A very big thanks to our Peace Partners, 501c3 non-profit organizations throughout Southwest Colorado that will be providing volunteer staff for the Colorado Peace Ride's aid stations.

Please take a moment to visit their website to learn of the many significant ways they are contributing to the communities of Southwest Colorado.

http://www.habitatdurango.org/ Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County provides responsible families in need, the life changing opportunity to purchase their own home. Through the cooperative efforts of volunteers, partner families, donors, and staff, Habitat for Humanity reaches out from Christian roots to build decent, affordable homes and communities in which people can live and grow.

Habitat for Humanity works to build social harmony through a more secure economic future for the families within the communities we serve. Habitat brings people together regardless of their religious preference or background to work side-by-side to eliminate sub-standard housing. What Habitat does locally is an extension of our parent organization, Habitat for Humanity International, who promotes peace, reconciliation and justice, bridging borders and resolving conflict by providing families throughout the world with homeownership opportunities.

http://www.nestcac.org The Nest (formerly known as the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center) plays a vital role in the community by supporting families in need, and most importantly children in need. The Nest primary role is to provide a safe haven for children and the non-offending caregivers when a child has experienced trauma.

Our center is responsible for making sure that families get the resources they need the cope with daily challenges of raising families that have been traumatized by abuse. Traditionally children who had experienced trauma were subjected to being interviewed many times by multiple agencies in adult centered environments which often led to re-victimization of the child. Our facility is child friendly, which eases the child’s anxiety. All agencies come to our facility and interview the child once.

Often children who experience abuse, if they do not get help end up delinquent or otherwise mal-adjusted. Later in life these people often end up participating in acts of violence in which they were victimized. At the center it is a main goal to get these kids (and their parents) therapy so they may grow to become healthy functional (peaceful) adults. Intervention of child abuse is a vital component in stopping the cycle of violence and aiding in the peace process.