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So you are considering donating to the Colorado Peace Ride!

In addition to offering breathtaking vistas, the Colorado Peace Ride is the only major bicycle tour in Colorado to specifically serve the cause of Peace. The 238-mile ride through Southwest Colorado raises peace awareness and monetary funds for the 501(c)3 non-profit organization Sophia Peace Center (SPC) in Dolores, Colorado. SPC supports a growing number of non-profit organizations by providing them with free or low-cost retreats, which will provide instruction for strategic planning, project facilitation, and team building. These retreats will serve to empower non-profits to become more effective and provides rest for overworked and underpaid workers. SPC helps non-profits in all sectors - environment, social justice, health and social services - that contribute to peace and positive change in the world. We thank you for your interest in donating to this cause.

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